Wisconsin Association for
Home and Community Life, Inc.

On the Move and in the Groove

February 28th to May 27, 2017

Family and Community Life will again be focusing on walking and exercise as a countywide activity.  Any activity you do between February 28th and May 29th can be counted.  This includes walking, cleaning, gardening, dancing, swimming, and you-name-it exercise of any kind.  Each 20 minutes equals 1 point, for example, one hour equals 3 points.  Please report your totals in points, not hours.

All forms for individuals or groups are available on-line, or you may develop your own...as long as you use points for your totals.  Remember, one point for every 20 minutes of activity.

Please compile your reports at the county level and send them to Vice President for Family and Community Life.  Your reports should show totals for each individual.  Remember to include the name, address, county, phone or email of the person sending the report.

In 2016 there were 33 counties that reported participation in 'On the Move and in the Groove' with total points at 136,834 up from 98,989 in 2015!  Way to go!  I'm sure we will break 150,000 points next year with everyone Movin' and Grovin'!

  The winners for 2016 were   Kewaunee County with 19,713 points and

                                                         Brown County with 12,240 points.

Outagamie and Rock Counties were not far behind, so let's keep this competition going for everyone's good health and well being.

PLEASE forward your County reports to me by June 10th, 2017.  This is very important because our State President needs the information for the NVON Conference.  These numbers look good on our report for NVON.

THANK YOU for your participation and looking forward to 2017!

  JoAnn Blonien

Vice President for Family and Community Life

S 589 Cnty Hwy WW

Elroy WI 53929


New email:  blonien-jo14@centurylink.net


     On the Move and in the Groove Report Forms for individuals
     On the Move and in the Groove Report Forms for county
  Updated 1/11/2017