On or around ACWW Day, 29th April 2012 friends throughout the world are joining in Women Walk the World, aiming to raise funds for ACWWs work. ACWW hopes that members will take part by arranging walks locally. Where possible, participants should seek sponsorship.

ACWW is active in over 70 countries, offering women and their communities the chance of a better life with mutual support, friendship and practical help through development programmes and projects. ACWW gives women a voice at international level by its links with the United Nations.

Projects, proposed by local societies or communities, may relate to clean water, sanitation, food production, leadership and skill training, nutrition, education, literacy, health, income generating schemes, etc. Projects are monitored and assessed to ensure a successful outcome.

Your participation in Women Walk the World will help ACWW achieve its goals.

To organize an event:

How to Organize a Walk

How to Lead a Walk

Go to the ACWW website for more information:  http://www.acww.org.uk/womenwalk.htm 

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