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The Impact of HCE 2017

Dear Members: 

For 2017 we would once again like you to keep track of your Volunteer Hours. Remember, these hours must be activities directed by HCE. They started on June 1, 2016, and go to May 31, 2017. There are new forms for Member and County reports.  Executive Board forms will remain the same.  ALL the forms are on the WAHCE website under Awards Forms & Info.  

Please give your completed forms to your county for compilation.  Counties will send full reports to the address below by June 10th.

JoAnn Blonien
VP of Family and Community Life
S589 County Road WW, Elroy, WI 53929

If you need help getting the forms, your UW-Extension Office will be able to help you.

Totals for 2016 were very impressive!

37 Counties participated:

v Outreach:                      72,258 hours

v Donations:                    $103,622

Executive Board:

v Time spent:                    22,845 hours

v Donations:                     $32,862


Keep up the GREAT WORK.   Looking forward to 2017!


JoAnn Blonien, VP of Family and Community Life

Webmaster: Donna Zarovy