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Providing early literacy programming for Wisconsin's Children

Brochure for Wisconsin Bookworms coordinators to use to promote program   

2018 - 2019 Wisconsin Bookworms Booklist 

2018 - 2019  Wisconsin Bookworms Activity Sheets (Spanish & English, pdf files)

2017 - 2018 Wisconsin Bookworms Classroom Teacher Letter (May 1, 2018)

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 2018 - 2019 Wisconsin Bookworms Agreement

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 Wisconsin Bookworms -- Handbook  --  Revised February 2018

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 Wisconsin Bookworms -- Letter to parents (May 1, 2018)

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 Wisconsin Bookworms -- Press Release

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Possible grant opportunities (updated 2/16/2018):

a.)     Community Foundation of North Central Wisconsin:  cfoncw.org  Focus on Marathon County and the City of Wausau.  Grants due on the first working day of the months of March, June, September.

b.)     Kohler Foundation:  kohlerfoundation.org/grants.  Apply for education grant funding in Sheboygan County. Grants due March 15 & Sept. 15.

c.)     Community Foundation for the Fox Valley:  cffoxvalley.org Check time line for grants you are interested in.

d.)     SC Johnson Giving Inc.:  scjohnson.com.  Apply for early childhood education grant funding in Racine County.  No timelines.

e.)     Shopko Foundation:  http://www.shopko.com/section/Shopko-Foundation/2181.uts#

f.)       Greater Green Bay Community Foundation:  ggbcf.org

g.)     Herzfeld Foundation:  herzfeldfoundation.org.  Apply for funding to promote strong early childhood experiences in the Milwaukee area.

h.)     Community Foundation of Southern Wisconsin:  cfsw.org 35 assorted grants to read through.

i.)       Oshkosh Area Community Foundation:  oshkoshareacf.org Grants for counties of Winnebago, Green Lake, Waushara, & city of Ripon.  Due Jan. 24 is the Community Impact Grant. Nov. date not posted yet.

j.)       June Bradly Pettit Foundation:  jbpf.org.  Apply for low income, disadvantaged families supporting early childhood development in Milwaukee.

k.)     Waukesha Community Foundation:  waukeshafoundation.org  Submit letter of intent (LOI) by Aug. 1st. 2 pages of info based on criteria included on website.

l.)       LaCrosse Community Foundation:  laxcommfoundation.com  Grant due dates are Jan. 15, April 15, July 15, & Oct. 15.

m.)   Racine Community Foundation:  racinecommunityfoundation.org  Letter of Intent (LOI) due Jan. 31 summarizing your proposal.

n.)     Enjue Foundation, Inc.: evjuegrantappl_CN3.pdf from host.madison.com/ct/aboutevjue.  Charity of Capital Times.  Grant proposal due February 26, 2018 for Madison area.

o.)     Judd S. Alexander Foundation: juddsalexanderfoundation.org  Create your own proposal package following their guidelines.  Focus on children and education in Marathon County.

p.)     Walmart Foundation:  giving.walmart.com/apply-for-grants/local-giving-guidelines.  Location near a Walmart Store.  Grant cycle opens in February.


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Updated August 4, 2018