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Award Books

The award book forms are listed below.   We hope your county will share your projects and submit a book to be judged.  One entry per category.

 STITCHES OF LOVE: To encourage counties to partner with other organizations by providing items made by machine or hand sewing, knitting. crocheting quilting, weaving, other needlework, etc.  This project should benefit or involve local, state or international communities.

SERVICES OF LOVE:  To encourage counties to be involved in volunteering and providing services to agencies and/or organizations that serve their local communities.  This service should benefit or involve the local community.  

To provide awareness and understanding of HCE.

EDUCATION PROGRAM AWARD: To recognize counties for programs, activities and events which best distribute the information from Educational Program topics and use those materials and program ideas from the last three years.

CLUB COMMUNITY SERVICE AWARD:  To recognize individual clubs for volunteering and providing serices that benefits or involves their local community.

To provide awareness and understanding of HCE by participating in volunteer services to their local community.

Three awards of $100 each will be given to Stitches of Love, Services of Love and Educational Program.  There will be three awards of $50 each for the Club Community Service Award.


Send Awards books to:

Carol Medchill, Vice President of Program
P.O. Box772, Cushing, WI 54006

Books must be postmarked by the deadline date of August 1st.

Updated 1/17/19

Forms in Word & PDF Format to download: 
The forms in Word are designed so that you may download them and fill in the blanks.
PDF Forms cannot be changed.


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  Education Program Awards


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